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Seniors: The Comfort of Home 

Seniors have a special place in Maggie's heart and in her real estate practice. Maggie Pierce's knowledge of seniors' housing issues, comes from years of  working in the community with seniors, as well as serving as a volunteer consultant to individuals and families. Maggie also devoted herself to ensuring that her own parents remained in their home throughout their senior years. Maggie brings a down-to-earth, practical and compassionate approach to helping people find their next home. 

For seniors, selection of a home is critical to their continued comfort, safety, independence and enjoyment of life. Maggie is committed to helping them transition from the family home to a new home that can meet their changing needs. She will work closely with seniors as they make the important decision to sell their family home and sort their belongings, preserving valued possessions and finding good homes for the rest. Maggie will then help them to buy a new home that will adapt to their current and future needs. 



Maggie will seek a home that provides the optimal accessibility in terms of it's interior design, property and community. She will provide you with the names of experienced professionals who design and complete renovations that will make your new home safe and comfortable for everyone. Maggie provides this specialized service in West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Downtown Vancouver, the Vancouver West Side, the Vancouver East Side, and throughout Metro Vancouver.




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